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  • Patriarchate — Pa tri*ar chate (p[=a] tr[i^]*[aum]r k[asl]t), n. [Cf. F. patriarcat.] 1. The office, dignity, or jurisdiction of a patriarch. Jer. Taylor. [1913 Webster] 2. The residence of an ecclesiastic patriarch. [1913 Webster] 3. (Ethnol.) A patriarchal… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • patriarchate — [pā′trē är΄kit, pā′trē r̈΄kāt΄] n. [ML(Ec) patriarchatus] 1. the position, rank, jurisdiction, territory, etc. of a patriarch 2. PATRIARCHY …   English World dictionary

  • Patriarchate — A patriarchate is the office or jurisdiction of a patriarch. A patriarch, as the term is used here, is either* one of the highest ranking bishops in Eastern Orthodoxy, the original five of Constantinople, Alexandria, Antioch, Rome and Jerusalem,… …   Wikipedia

  • patriarchate — noun a) The term of office of a Christian patriarch. The patriarchate of Pope John Paul II, as Patriarch of the West was more than 25 years. b) The ecclesial jurisdiction of such a patriarch. The Patriarchate of Constantinople has primacy over… …   Wiktionary

  • patriarchate — patriarch ► NOUN 1) the male head of a family or tribe. 2) a biblical figure regarded as a father of the human race, especially Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and their forefathers, or the sons of Jacob. 3) a powerful or respected older man. 4) a… …   English terms dictionary

  • Patriarchate of the East Indies —     Patriarchate of the East Indies     † Catholic Encyclopedia ► Patriarchate of the East Indies     In consequence of an agreement between the Holy See and the Portuguese Government in 1886, settling difficulties that had arisen from the Goan… …   Catholic encyclopedia

  • Patriarchate of Aquileia (Episcopal) — For other uses, see Patriarchate of Aquileia (disambiguation). Basilica of Aquileia The Patriarchate of Aquileia was an early center of Christianity, an historical state and catholic episcopal see, and today a catholic titular see in northeastern …   Wikipedia

  • Patriarchate of Aquileia — The Patriarchate of Aquileia was an historical state and episcopal see in northeastern Italy, centred on the ancient city of Aquileia situated at the head of the Adriatic, on what is now the Italian sea coast, at the confluence of the Anse and… …   Wikipedia

  • Patriarchate of the West Indies — The Patriarchate of the West Indies is a Latin Rite Titular Patriarchate of the Roman Catholic Church. It is vacant since the death of its last holder in 1963. Attempt to create a jurisdictional Patriarchate in the Spanish IndiesKing Ferdinand V… …   Wikipedia

  • Patriarchate of Aquileia (state) — For other uses, see Patriarchate of Aquileia. Patriarchate of Aquileia Patriarchae Aquileiensis Patria del Friuli State of the Holy Roman Empire …   Wikipedia

  • Patriarchate of Karlovci — The Patriarchate of Karlovci (Serbian: Карловачка патријаршија or Karlovačka patrijaršija ) was a patriarchate of the Orthodox Church that existed between 1848 and 1920. It was formed in 1848, when former Metropolitanate of Karlovci was elevated… …   Wikipedia

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